KyCo Peninsula Quy Nhon Resort. A place to awaken the mind and awaken the senses to touch absolute tranquility.



Immerse yourself in absolute relaxation at KyCo Peninsula Resort.

Our resort will take you to moments of emotional bliss and complete relaxation.

Explore Ky Co in your own way

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2N1D Combo to Celebrate International Women’s Day

KyCo Peninsula Quy Nhon Resort would like to offer our valued customers a special combo package starting from 1,950,000 VND, including: 2 nights and 1 day of accommodation in KyCo Superior Sea View room. Free setup of banquet table with flowers and candles for International Women’s Day (8th March). Complimentary 2 glasses of wine and […]

New Year Celebration at KyCo Peninsula

KyCo Peninsula Quy Nhon Resort is pleased to offer our valued customers the following promotions: 2 nights and 1 day combo package starting from 750,000 VND per person. Complimentary lunch or dinner set when booking for 2 nights or more. Free setup of banquet table with flowers and candles for Valentine’s Day (14th February). Local […]

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Services at the Resort

BEACH GAMES In addition to admiring the picturesque landscape of Ky Co tourist area, it would be a missed opportunity if you do not experience the exciting underwater sports activities at Ky Co. You can personally explore the ocean by walking underwater, snorkeling to admire the coral reefs. You can also explore the entire Ky [...]

Infinity Pool

Ky Co attracts tourists with its natural beauty of mountains, forests, and beaches. Visitors not only enjoy relaxing moments with attentive services, but also explore the 'perfect' space at the luxurious swimming pool on their own. The beautiful swimming pool is designed with comfortable lounge chairs for guests to relax. What's more special is that [...]

Ky Co Peninsula Resort Overview

Ky Co Peninsula Resort is situated in a prime location within Ky Co Tourist Area. With 15 villa clusters comprising 57 rooms, it is a 3-star standard accommodation boasting beautiful scenery of mountains and sea views from the rooms. When visiting Ky Co, tourists will be mesmerized by the beauty of nature and also have [...]
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KyCo Peninsula blurs the boundaries between relaxation and entertainment, soothing the soul and elevating emotions with its pristine blend of people and island nature.


KyCo Peninsula understands that luxury is not only about lavish interiors, exquisite services, and iconic destinations. True luxury is the gift of unforgettable experiences.
Bamboo Restaurant
With open spaces that blend seamlessly with nature and construction materials made from bamboo, the bamboo restaurant offers a serene dining atmosphere with a diverse menu of European and Asian dishes, promising the perfect culinary experience for travelers.
KyCo Bar and Coffee
In the serene space by the Kỳ Co seaside, you can indulge in moments of relaxation with your favorite mocktail in hand
Infinity Pool
Located at an elevation of 30m above sea level, our infinity pool features a breathtaking vanishing edge design, creating a stunning mirror-like effect. It offers panoramic views of the majestic Kỳ Co coastline.
Water Games
Marine ecology games
We offer exciting eco-friendly sea activities such as parasailing, sea kayaking, jet skiing, flyboarding, and banana boat rides. In addition, our skilled Russian seal circus team will provide you and your family with unforgettable moments of relaxation and enjoyment together.
Check in
y Co is famous for its Instagram-worthy check-in spots that are guaranteed to light up your photo album.
The harmonious blend of local fishing village cultural beauty and traditional recreational activities will provide you with an amazing experience.
Connecting with the soul and experiencing the richness of life, culture, and history of the indigenous fishing village of Nhon Ly through activities such as fishing, rowing traditional coracle boats, and exploring local famous landmarks.
Join us in capturing the most beautiful memories of your vacation!

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