Explore the natural masterpieces of Kỳ Co with awe and wonder.


Located 20km northeast of Quy Nhon city center, Ky Co Peninsula used to be a land owned by the ancient Champa people. Therefore, the name “Ky Co” originated from the Cham language, with the original name being “Kaico”, meaning “Small Sea, Small Neck” – a small, mysterious and enchanting bay. Until now, Ky Co still retains the pristine beauty of majestic mountains, golden sandy beaches, and crystal-clear emerald sea, often compared to the Maldives of Vietnam, captivating the hearts of visitors.

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The Bridge of Memories and Aspirations of Ky Co Peninsula. The wooden bridge, nearly 1 km long, has welcomed millions of visitors each year and is a distinctive landmark that cannot be missed when you visit Ky Co

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One of the famous check-in spots of Ky Co Peninsula is the Yen Bridge, a symbol of freedom and love. The wooden bridge is designed with curved shapes along the mountain cliffs, offering panoramic views of the picturesque Ky Co bay. In the middle of the bridge is a heart-shaped symbol, where you can capture hundreds of romantic photos. Remember to visit the Yen Bridge when you come to Ky Co Peninsula and share your moments with us.

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A masterpiece of Mother Nature’s gift to Ky Co Peninsula is the natural rock cave, consisting of 3 large caves and 2 rock islets rising from the middle of the sea, creating a magnificent natural spectacle that leaves visitors in awe.

At the top of Ky Co Peninsula, there is a network of wind turbines scattered around and along the road of the peninsula. Many stunning check-in photos are shared by tourists along with these wind turbines, making it a must-visit spot when you come to Ky Co.

The road leading to Ky Co Peninsula, built by Hoang Dat Construction Company since its early days, is about 3km long and starts from Nhon Ly commune. The landscape gradually reveals itself as we move along the road. On both sides of the road, tourists can capture the majestic mountains and the deep blue ocean with numerous small islands. As we ascend higher, we can see the peaceful Nhon Ly fishing village nestled within our sight. All of these create an amazing experience that you should not miss.

Exploring Local Culture

Immerse yourself in the pure essence of local culture through everyday activities of the indigenous people in the fishing village of Nhơn Lý, such as fishing and paddling traditional boats. Alongside that are the breathtaking destinations of the native land, such as Eo Gió, Cánh Đồng Quạt Gió (Windmill Field), the largest Sitting Buddha statue in Southeast Asia, Champa Cultural Heritage sites, and more.

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